There are now two ways to gain your building approval;

  • Through the NSW Housing Code as a Complying Development and
  • Through your Local Council as a Development Application


Council can often be the most confusing and intimidating stage for a home owner during a building or renovation development. As an owner, you may only deal with these issues once or twice in your life. Right Angle are in contact with the varying Councils in the city on a daily basis and can make this stage of the process straight forward and far less stressful.


In addition to having different rules and regulations, each council has preferences regarding application presentation. Since we are aware of the varying rules, regulations and preferences of each of the Sydney councils, we can tailor your application appropriately. The applications we submit on behalf of our clients are processed faster and have a significantly greater chance of approval than if they had been submitted independently. We submit and manage your application through the NSW Planning Portal.




Right Angle Drafting provide a variety of hiring options on how to deal with council from an initial assessment through to full management of the project all the way through council. This can include completion of all council documentation and communication. Since we are not the owners we are seen to remain impartial and therefore able to negotiate the rules and regulations council may subject the proposal to. A Development Application at Council will take approximately 10-12 weeks for approval.

Under a Complying Development Certificate we can help you gather up other documents required to gain your approval. Aside from our plans you will need a Home Owners Warranty Certificate, Payment of Long Service Levy, Structural Engineers Design, stormwater drainage design and possibly a Council Bond. We will guide you through this stage so you can rest easy. A Complying Development will take about 4 weeks to gather up the documents and approximately 10 days to be approved from the Certifier.